Markets: An Overview to Spot Opportunities


Streamlined Finance’s markets page provides you with one of the best ways to get an overview of financial markets.

The page consists of different categories that allows you to scan through 700+ stocks from the S&P500 and the Nasdaq (with more to come).

You can find the best stocks for each category by filtering through them by period, market cap size, volume and more.

Our goal was to make it easy as 1, 2, 3 to find the next opportunity so that you can grow your hard earned capital.

The Categories

In the top of the page you’ll find an easy way to get a daily, weekly and monthly overview of markets.

The first categories are:

  • US Indices
  • Top Gainers
  • Top Losers

These sections are also showing pre-market movers, so that you can see which companies have moved the most before the market opens.

Then below this, you can see categories in which you can find specific types of opportunities. This makes it easy to find stocks that fit a particular goal.

These specific categories are:

  • Most Traded Stocks
  • Undervalued Stocks
  • High Growth Stocks
  • Oversold Stocks
  • Dividend Stocks 
  • Quality Stocks

And in addition to these, you are able to see more on the right side of the page which includes the top-level news that influences markets and more categories:

  • US Sectors
  • Crypto
  • Forex

The List of Stocks

Our system is connected to live market prices of 700+ stocks from the S&P500 and the Nasdaq, providing you with the ability to see what’s happening from a vast range of interesting companies.

The Filters

Every section provides you with the ability to refine the results through the filter option.

Volume Filter

Just like the market caps, the volumes are also divided into 3 equal thirds (⅓) from the total list of companies in our system. The volume here refers to the volume of the day.

Market Cap Filter

Whereas market caps are sometimes categorized based on their market value (for example mega-caps are often referred to as having more than $200 billion or more), our system divides the total list of companies into 3 equal thirds (⅓).

This makes it so that when you select the small market caps, it shows the lower third of the list, the medium size the middle third and the big market cap the upper third.

You can easily select or deselect which market cap size you’d like to see.

Period Filter

With the period filter you can easily sort the results by day, week or month.

Sorting Filters

Lastly, each specific category has a unique filter that allows you to sort differently through the results.

For Most Traded stocks there is the option to sort by different volume type calculations: day, average, week and month.

For Undervalued stocks you can sort by Industry relative or absolute P/E ratio, where industry relative compare a stock’s P/E ratio to its industry average.

For High Growth you can sort by different growth metrics: EPS and Revenue. In the case of YoY (Year-over-Year), it is calculated in the form of trailing twelve months (TTM).

In Closing

We’re proud to say that Streamlined Finance’s markets page is providing investors one of the best ways to spot opportunities and discover new companies.

We hope that this page may bring your attention to companies that you have never heard of and will provide you with the investment prospects that you are looking for.